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Don't let a dangerous tree cast a shadow over your property. When trees pose a risk to your property or the people around it, waiting isn't an option.

We are committed to maintaining the safety and integrity of your property with our tree removal services in Hartford, CT.


Don't Leave Your Trees Hanging...



Understanding Tree Hazards

Recognizing the warning signs of tree hazards is crucial to prevent potential harm to your property and loved ones. Here's our essential guide to identifying and mitigating tree risks.

Is My Tree Healthy?
  1. Dead or Dying Branches: An abundance of dead or dying branches on a tree can signify a problem.

  2. Leaf Discoloration or Defoliation: If leaves are discolored or falling off outside of the normal seasonal cycle, this could indicate disease or stress.

  3. Fungal Growth: The presence of fungus, such as mushrooms, around the base of the tree can suggest decay within the tree.

  4. Tree Leaning: Trees that are noticeably leaning to one side could be unstable and at risk of falling.

  5. Bark Peeling Off: When the bark peels off or falls away and doesn't grow back, the tree could be dying.

  6. Hollow Areas: Hollowed areas or cavities in the trunk or branches can indicate significant decay.

  7. Loose or Exposed Roots: Unstable ground around the tree, or roots that are loose or visible on the surface, could indicate an unhealthy tree.

  8. Insect Infestation: Certain insects, such as bark beetles or termites, can cause significant damage to trees and may indicate a dying or dead tree.

This tree is on its last limb. With Lambert's, such distressing tree conditions can be safely managed before they become a threat to your home.



With Lambert's, you're choosing to cut away potential tree liabilities. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to preempt tree hazards, ensuring the ongoing health and beauty of your landscape. Secure your peace of mind with us.

Certified Arborist Consultations

Expert Eyes for Your Tree Problems

There's more to tree care than meets the eye. Our certified arborists have the training to see what's often missed. Whether it's spotting early signs of disease, assessing potential hazards, or developing a proactive care plan, they provide invaluable insights for your trees' health. Enhance your landscape's longevity with our certified arborist consultations in Hartford, CT.

Precision Pruning

A Cut Above The Rest

Don't settle for less when it comes to your trees. Lambert's precision pruning services are designed to elevate your landscape's aesthetics while improving tree health and longevity. Our professional pruning services in Hartford, CT masterfully balance the art and science of pruning to provide you with a service that is truly a cut above the rest.

Expert Tree Removal

No Task Too Big, No Tree Too Tall

When it comes to the health and safety of your property, sometimes the only solution is complete tree removal. At Lambert Lawn Care & Tree Service, we understand that this decision is not made lightly, and it's often the result of exhausting all other options. But when a tree poses a direct threat to your property's integrity or the safety of those around it, swift and decisive action is paramount. Our team of tree removal specialists in Hartford, CT is equipped with the expertise and machinery to handle even the most challenging removal scenarios.


  1. Stump Grinding: Following tree removal, our comprehensive stump grinding services eliminate any potential tripping hazards and unsightly blemishes, thereby providing you with a safe and aesthetically pleasing yard.

  2. Professional Cabling and Bracing: For trees presenting structural vulnerabilities, we offer top-notch cabling and bracing services, effectively reinforcing your trees' strength, and significantly reducing the risk of tree collapse.

  3. Effective Root Management: By offering professional root management services, we prevent potential damage to your property's infrastructure, safeguarding you from costly repairs.

  4. Regular Tree Inspections: Through our regular tree inspections, we can spot early signs of disease, decay, or structural issues, allowing for prompt intervention and risk prevention.

  5. Soil Improvement Services: Healthy trees start with healthy soil. Our soil improvement services ensure your trees are rooted in nutrient-rich soil, promoting their overall health and resilience.

  6. Tree Fertilization: A well-nourished tree is a strong tree. Our tree fertilization services optimize the health of your trees, enhancing their growth and reducing susceptibility to diseases or pests that can lead to hazardous conditions.



When time is critical, trust Lambert's for fast, professional emergency tree removal in Hartford, CT. Safeguard your property and loved ones from potential harm. Don't wait, Reach Out Now!


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At Lambert Lawn Care & Tree Service, we understand that your trees deserve only the best. Find out why we are the trusted choice for tree care in Hartford, CT, delivering top-tier services that blend quality, value, and customer satisfaction.

Our Approach To Tree Removal

A Proven Strategy, Rooted in Care and Expertise

Removing a tree isn't just about taking a chainsaw to its base. It's a meticulous process that demands deep-rooted knowledge, thoughtful planning, and careful execution. At Lambert Lawn Care & Tree Service, we bring all these elements together to ensure every tree removal project we undertake is conducted with utmost safety, efficiency, and consideration for your Hartford, CT property.

1. Initial Consultation

Our journey begins with a conversation. Understanding your specific concerns and expectations is vital to us. We dispatch our team of Certified Arborists to your location to discuss your situation, gather initial insights, and plan for a detailed tree assessment. This initial step allows us to build a partnership with our clients, working together to address the issue.

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2. In-Depth Tree Assessment

With a preliminary understanding of your situation, we conduct a thorough examination of the tree in question. This involves understanding its species, evaluating its health, and analyzing its proximity to structures. Our team delves into the potential risks the tree poses to your property, its occupants, and even the local ecosystem, thereby making an informed decision about the tree removal necessity.

3. Strategic Planning

The next step involves converting our assessment insights into a strategic plan. This plan lays out the specifics of how the tree will be removed, considering important variables like tree size, location, and safety measures required. Every plan is tailor-made to ensure safe, efficient, and minimal impact tree removal.

4. Precision Execution

Armed with a robust plan, our skilled professionals spring into action. They leverage our state-of-the-art equipment and follow a systematic process, often dismantling the tree in manageable portions. This meticulous process mitigates risks and ensures a smooth, efficient operation that does not compromise on safety or your property's integrity.

5. Comprehensive Site Clean-Up

Once the tree has been safely removed, our commitment to your property continues. We believe that a job is not complete until the site is restored to its original state, if not better. We conduct a thorough clean-up, meticulously removing debris and preparing your landscape for the next phase - tree replacement.

6. Tree Replacement Services

At Lambert's, we recognize our responsibility towards the environment and your landscape's aesthetics. This is why we offer tree replacement services post-removal. We guide you through the process of choosing a new tree suitable for your landscape, considering factors like the local climate, soil condition, and your personal preferences. Our team then plants the chosen tree with care, ensuring it has the best chance to thrive in its new home.




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