Exceptional Landscaping Services In Northern CT

Commercial Property Maintenance

Enhance Your Commercial Property's Potential

Lambert Lawn Care's team of dedicated professionals is committed to keeping your property well maintained and cared for all year round. We work actively to bridge the communication gaps between property managers, owners and residents while providing top quality service and transparency. The weather might not be predictable, but we are! We offer comprehensive maintenance packages to ensure that all aspects of your landscape needs are consistently met.  

You can rely on Lambert Lawn Care & Tree Service for high-quality work, active communication, and dependability of scheduling and execution for your property. We are proud to partner with businesses across a wide variety of industries to help provide practical and exceptional landscaping solutions.


Seasonal Cleanups

Refresh and Revitalize Your Property

Spring is a time of renewal, and our seasonal cleanup services ensure your property is free from the remnants of the past season. We meticulously clear leaves, debris, and other elements that may hinder the beauty and health of your landscape.

Mowing & Weed Control

Pristine Lawns and Weed-Free Beauty

Regular mowing and diligent weed control are essential for maintaining a pristine appearance. Our skilled team ensures your lawns are always neatly trimmed and weed-free, contributing to the overall attractiveness and health of your property.


Rapid Growth with Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is an efficient way to establish lush lawns. This method promotes quick germination and uniform growth, ideal for large commercial properties seeking rapid and effective lawn establishment.

Fertilizer Programs

Nourishing Your Landscape to Flourish

Our tailored fertilizer programs provide the necessary nutrients for your landscape to thrive. We assess your soil and plant types to apply the perfect blend, promoting robust growth and vibrant coloration.

Hedge Trimming & Mulching

Sculpted Hedges and Nurturing Mulch

Expertly trimmed hedges and properly applied mulch not only enhance the visual appeal but also contribute to the health of your plants. Our services ensure your hedges are shaped perfectly and your soil retains moisture, reducing the need for frequent watering.

Tree Removal & Arborist Services

Expert Tree Care and Removal

Our certified arborists are skilled in the safe removal of hazardous trees and branches. We also provide expert advice on tree health, ensuring your property's trees are healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.

Hardscape Design

& Installation

We specialize in designing and installing stunning hardscapes, from walkways and patios to retaining walls. Our designs are both functional and visually appealing, enhancing the usability and beauty of your outdoor spaces.

Landscape Deisgn

& Installation

Our landscape design services transform your visions into reality. From initial concept to final installation, we create landscapes that reflect your property’s character and needs.

Unlock Premier Property Care

Ensure your commercial spaces reflect excellence with our premier property maintenance services. From seasonal landscaping to year-round upkeep, our dedicated team ensures every corner of your property is immaculate. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your property with unparalleled care and professionalism.

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    We Have Been Providing Comprehensive & Reliable Landscaping Services For Nearly Two Decades

    Commercial Landscape Construction

    You can trust the professionals in our Commercial Landscape Construction Division to deliver high quality results for your project from start to finish.

    Commercial Property Maintenance

    You can trust the professionals in our Commercial Property Maintenance Division to maintain all aspects of your business, year-round.

    Landscaping Services

    You can trust the professionals in our Landscape Services Division to transform and upgrade your outdoor space.

    Patios, Walkways & More

    You can trust the professionals in our Hardscape Design Installation Division to deliver consistent, quality results for your Hardscape Projects.

    Tree Removal & Land Clearing

    Dangerous trees and tree branches are a hazard to your family and home. Don’t wait until minor inconveniences become homeowner’s insurance liabilities. You can trust the professionals in our Tree Division to keep your family and home safe from hazardous trees.

    Snow & Ice Management

    Our Snow & Ice Management Division will limit your business’s liability from Winter weather events. Our highly-effective ice management approaches, coupled with in-vehicle dashboard cameras, minimize your business’s opportunities for slip and falls.

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