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Our Approach To The Perfect Lawn

Every lawn holds potential. Let us unveil the beauty of yours. With precision grading and hydroseeding, your path to a stunning lawn has never been clearer.

Trust Lambert's to make your lawn the talk of the town.


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Your Grass Is Always Greener

When You Choose Lambert's Hydroseeding Services

Experience the Lambert's difference with hydroseeding, a game-changer for all lawn enthusiasts. Allow us to introduce you to a lawn that doesn't just grow, but thrives — boosting your property's curb appeal.

See The Benefits

Rapid Lawn Establishment

Fast-Track To A Lush Lawn

Experience the acceleration of the germination process with hydroseeding. Within weeks, transform your terrain into a sea of vibrant green, enhancing the beauty and value of your property.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Premium Lawns, Sensible Prices

Why stretch your budget with traditional sodding when hydroseeding offers the same lush results at a fraction of the cost? Prioritize both quality and economy for your dream lawn.

Erosion Control

The Protective Green Blanket

Beyond aesthetics, hydroseeding's mulch mixture blankets your soil, guarding against the erosive forces of wind and water. Ensure your landscape remains robust and resilient.

Custom Seed Blends

Tailored to Your Terrain

Different soils have unique needs. Our hydroseeding method allows for custom-tailored seed blends that perfectly match your property's specific requirements. Celebrate a lawn distinctly crafted for you.

The Power of Proper Grading

Laying The Foundation For A Perfect Lawn

Grading is the unsung hero of landscaping, providing a leveled, optimal base that determines how well your grass grows. Grading prevents water pooling and directs it efficiently, which is crucial for the health and appearance of your lawn. Dive into the foundational step that ensures your lawn not only looks good but performs its best.

See The Benefits

Prepared Ground

Foundation of Flourishing Lawns

The magic begins beneath the surface. Proper grading ensures a smooth and even terrain, free from depressions or bumps, preparing the ground for a uniform and lush green canvas. Your lawn's success begins with the perfect base.

Water Management

Efficiency from the Ground Up

Without proper grading, water can pool in areas, causing grass diseases or eroded patches. Grading ensures water flows where it should, preventing standing water and ensuring each grass blade gets the nourishment it needs, while keeping the rest of your property safe from potential water damage.

Increased Property Value

Maximize Your Home's Appeal

A well-graded lawn doesn't just elevate the look of your property; it boosts its value. Potential homebuyers recognize the importance of a properly managed landscape. Show them a yard that's been expertly graded, and you're showing them a property that's been cared for.

Long-Term Lawn Health

Solid Ground, Solid Growth

Grading isn’t a one-time benefit. It's an investment in the long-term health and vitality of your lawn. With the right foundation, you minimize future issues, ensuring a lawn that thrives for years to come. Be proactive, and give your grass the best start possible.


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At Lambert Lawn Care & Tree Service, we recognize that a pristine lawn complements your living space, serving as a testament to your home's charm. Uncover why we stand out as the trusted choice for grading and hydroseeding in Connecticut, offering unmatched services that seamlessly blend quality, affordability, and unparalleled customer delight.




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