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Exceptional Landscaping Services In Northern CT


Transform your commercial property with our low maintenance hardscaping services in Northern Connecticut. Designed for durability and crafted for cost-efficiency, our hardscapes provide a permanent upgrade with minimal maintenance required.

Say goodbye to constant upkeep and hello to lasting beauty with our professional hardscaping services.


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Functional Hardscaping for
Every Commercial Space

Discover the impact of expertly designed hardscapes on your commercial property. At Lambert's Lawn Care & Tree Service, we provide specialized hardscaping solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of business environments. From serene walkways that enhance accessibility to plazas ideal for corporate events, each project is executed with precision and a deep understanding of commercial demands.

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Guiding Success

Enhance the flow and safety of your property with professionally designed walkways and pathways. Our walkway design and installation solutions improve navigational ease, connecting different areas of your commercial space seamlessly and stylishly.


Ascending with Ease

Safely connect different levels of your commercial landscape with our durable and aesthetically pleasing stairway installation services. Designed for high traffic and built to last, our stairs enhance both accessibility and style.


Structural Elegance

Secure and beautify sloped landscapes with our durable retaining walls. These structures not only prevent soil erosion but also add a refined look to your commercial premises, contributing to overall landscape integrity. Find out more about our retaining wall installation services for your commercial property.

Plazas & Courtyards

Purpose-Built Spaces For Your Commercial Property

We design and install custom plazas and courtyards that serve as perfect venues for employee relaxation or client entertainment. Choose from a variety of materials like natural stone, pavers, and tiles that blend durability with aesthetic appeal.


Tranquil Water Designs for Commercial Spaces

Create a focal point or a serene retreat with our custom water features. Ideal for enhancing the ambiance of corporate campuses, and retail environments, our installations range from elegant fountains and ponds to interactive water walls. These features not only add aesthetic value but also promote a calming atmosphere that can improve client and employee satisfaction.


Efficient Water Management Systems

Protect your property's structural integrity and landscape design with advanced drainage solutions. We specialize in implementing systems such as French drains, channel drains, and stormwater management technologies that prevent water accumulation and erosion. Our solutions are engineered to handle large volumes of water efficiently, ensuring that your commercial spaces remain dry and undamaged during adverse weather conditions.

Fire Pits

Warmth and Ambiance for Commercial Settings

Elevate your commercial space with custom-designed fire pits that offer both warmth and style. Perfect for extending the usability of outdoor areas in restaurants, resorts, or corporate campuses, our fire pits provide a cozy gathering spot that enhances evening ambiance and visitor engagement. Choose from a variety of designs—from rustic to contemporary—that best fit your business's aesthetic and functional needs.

Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate and Secure Your Commercial Property

Enhance the safety and beauty of your commercial landscapes with our professional outdoor lighting services. From pathway lights to architectural spotlights, our solutions improve visibility, increase security, and extend the hours of enjoyment your outdoor spaces can provide. Custom-designed to complement the style of your property, our lighting systems use energy-efficient technologies that reduce costs and environmental impact.


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At Lambert Lawn Care & Tree Service, we understand that your outdoor space is an extension of your home and deserves the best care and attention. Discover why we are the preferred choice for hardscaping in Connecticut, delivering superior services that combine quality, value, and exceptional customer satisfaction.


Measuring The Benefits Of Professional Hardscaping

At Lambert Lawn Care & Tree Service, our hardscaping services go beyond creating visually stunning landscapes; we create value, functionality, and resilience. Let's delve deeper into the various benefits that come with a professional hardscaping project and why it could be the best choice for your commercial property.

See The Benefits Of Hardscaping

1. Enhanced Usability of Space

Hardscaping effectively utilizes outdoor areas for additional seating, events, or recreational activities, maximizing the usable space on commercial properties.

2. Increased Safety

Properly designed hardscapes reduce trip hazards and improve nighttime visibility with strategic lighting, enhancing overall safety for employees and visitors.

3. Improved Accessibility

Well-planned hardscapes improve accessibility, ensuring that commercial spaces comply with ADA standards and are welcoming to all visitors.

4. Durability and Longevity

Commercial-grade hardscaping materials are built to withstand heavy use and harsh weather, ensuring lasting durability with minimal maintenance.

5. Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Hardscaping transforms mundane commercial exteriors into visually appealing landscapes, increasing foot traffic and creating a positive first impression.

6. Efficient Water Management

Integrated drainage solutions in hardscaping help manage stormwater runoff, preventing water damage and reducing landscape erosion.




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